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I am a computer geek and spend my time working as a Software Developer, Playing video games or Programming for the sake of it




Welcome to the personal website of Andrew Marcell Howard I created this website to provide information about myself and what I enjoy. I hope this website can be of interest to potential employers, because it provides an informal description of myself, and allows people to get an idea of what i aspire to do with my life. For more information about myself please visit the About page.


I would also like to share my interest in gaming with people, over the years I have become a keen gamer because the advances in technology have enabled gaming to become ever more popular and the capability's of games in the modern day is overwhelming with HD and 3D technology's. For more information on this please visit my Gaming page.

About Me



I like to think of myself as an outgoing person who strives to achieve what I set my mind to. My interests are Computing, Gaming, Fishing and Snooker/Pool. In my spare time I like to research technology and what advancements are being made as well as keeping my programming skills up to date by experimenting with new programming languages. However I like to relax and take in the country with some fishing. I have been fishing with my farther ever since I can remember and it gives me a chance to unwind and take in the fresh air hopefully while banking a couple of 20’s. My other passion is Snooker not that I am much good but I enjoy playing and watching it all the same.




One of my other passions is video games and has been since I can remember. In my spare time I am the founder of a gaming team called G-Force Gaming, this team has been going since 2012 what started out to be a group of mates playing games together expanded into a team of gamers that want to compete in tournaments for the call of duty franchise.

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